CBD Wellness explains why their tinctures are so effective compared to other brands

Why Are CBD Wellness Tinctures So Effective?

Written by: Rebecca Walters

Reviewed by: Dr. Matthew Scott, PhD & DHSc

​Date: 08/06/2010

CBD Wellness Tincture Education

CBD Wellness full spectrum CBD Rich tinctures are one of our most popular and reordered products. We have a 90% customer return rate for the simple fact that our products work! We create the highest quality, most uniquely formulated, and most effective products on the market.

CBD tinctures are the most commonly used and recognizable CBD products on the market. Tinctures provide a quick and easy option for consuming CBD (cannabidiol).

Tinctures are not a new form of medicine. In fact, cannabis tinctures and other botanical tinctures have an extensive history in herbalism and medicine, being used around the world for varies reasons for hundreds of years. Western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry has played a heavy hand in suppressing the power of botanical tinctures, even more so with cannabis tinctures. We can only assume this has occurred for 1 reason, profit loss. In states that have legalized medical marijuana, pharmaceutical companies are showing millions in losses. It’s estimated that the pharmaceutical industry stands to lose billions as cannabis legalization continues, allowing this plant to heal more and more people.   


What are Tinctures?

The word tincture can mean different things to different people. Generally, when most people think CBD “tincture” it correlates to a small bottle with a dropper top, containing CBD oil, used by taking orally.

The technical definition of “Tincture” is a concentrated herbal extract, made by soaking selected botanical parts (plant) in an alcohol solution. The alcohol breaks down the cell walls, allowing the release of the selected plants’ active constituents (compounds). Then the alcohol and plant material are separated - strained, leaving an alcohol solution infused with the plants activated constituents.

This method is still used by some, however it’s extremely outdated. Alcohol soak extraction: doesn’t allow scientific extraction processes, and creates an inconsistent, low potency extracted product.    

Today’s Tinctures

With modern science and technology, we now have much better ways of extraction, like CO2 and distillation. The majority of CBD tinctures on the market contain some form of CBD extract combined with a carrier oil. The carrier oil helps with delivering the mg dose of activated compounds. Carrier oils serve as a dilutant for mg’s, protects the highly concentrated compounds, and makes absorption easier. The most common carrier oils for CBD tinctures are MCT oil, olive oil, grape seed oil or hemp seed oil.


CBD Wellness “tincture” philosophy is our gentle nature and ability to capture the spirit and physical essence of a plant and make those compounds actively available to you in our CBD Wellness tincture line.

Our Tincture MG’s represent our unique whole plant transfer of CBD (all products activated mg’s are listed on the product). CBD Wellness’s MG amount listed on each product is the actual activated amount of CBD, not the total plant weight or plant weight used to make the product. For example, Our CBD Rich 1500mg Full Spectrum tincture; it typically takes around 8grams (or 8,000mg) of our CBD rich phytocannabinoid hemp plants to extract 1500mg of activated CBD. The amount of extract may be 2grams (or 2,000mg) to contain 1500mg of activated CBD. We don’t list 8000mg of plant weight nor 2000mg of extract, we list the actual content of activated CBD.

Unlike the majority of other “cbd” products who measure their MG’s by total plant weight or the weight of the extract used. What does this mean? In short is means an Inconsistent, low potency, ineffective product. A government study tested 100 different CBD tinctures in the market. More than 80% of them had little to no activated CBD, while the others only contained about 50% of the mg’s listed. For example, a company makes a cbd tincture with 1,000 grams of CBD extract that contains 10% cbd potency. They label the product as 1,000mg CBD (because that’s how much “cbd extract they used). This product however does not contain 1,000mg of activated CBD, it only contains 100mg of activated CBD. The market is unfortunately filled with unreputable, unknowledgeable companies trying to profit in this upcoming industry. Some are doing this knowingly, while others truly just don’t understand formulating botanical medicines. The majority of products in the industry are now white label brands. White label means that company has its own brand name, logo, website but they don’t actually grow, extract or manufacture the products, instead they typically buy the cheapest already made CBD products they can “source”, then put their own labels and branding on them in order to resale. These companies won't say their white labelers of course, in fact many of these companies will go through great lengths to conceal this fact.

These type of companies and products can make finding a quality CBD product extremely difficult, not to mention how confusing it is for consumers. We constantly have people coming into our store wanting to know what the “strongest” tincture we have is. Depending on the reason, we typically will recommend our 700mg or 1500mg. I can't tell you how many times they’ve said, “what do you have that’s stronger than a 1500mg” then pulls out a CBD tincture they bought from another company that has 5,000mg or 10,000mg (sometimes even higher amounts), and says “I have these CBD tinctures that are higher dose of CBD than yours and they haven’t worked so I figure I need a stronger one”. After thoroughly explaining how the majority of CBD products actually contain little to no CBD and that the mg amounts are typically not accurate, they decide to “try” a CBD Wellness tincture. When they come back to buy more, they almost always say something like “I’m so irritated that I wasted all that money buying & trying all those other cbd brands and products. It doesn’t make any sense that companies can sell a CBD product labeled with MG’s it doesn’t actually contain. I can’t believe the CBD Wellness tinctures are so much stronger and effective yet are half the MG amount I was using from that other company”. It’s one of the more frustrating aspects of the cannabis industry and why so many claim “cbd doesn’t work for me”. Many will only try 1 or 2 different company products before deciding CBD just isn’t working.

I remember 1 patient who came to our dispensary for her son who suffered from 40 – 50 seizures a day. She had 14 different tinctures all from different company brands. She advised only 1 of them kind of helped by reducing his seizures to around 25 a day, however it stopped working after about 3 days. She actually gave up on CBD and was at our dispensary to get a medical marijuana THC tincture (from our sister company THCWellness.com). After our Chief Medical Scientist had a consultation with her, we gave her 2 CBD Wellness tinctures for free and asked her to let us know how it helps. We didn’t want to charge her, especially with her previous experiences with other CBD tinctures. She came back a few days later in tears saying, “I am so happy I found you, it’s working, its working great”. She reported he went from 40-50 seizures a day to only a couple, and that was only after a few days of regular use. Over the next few months, she continued letting us know his progress, and that he was only having 1-2 seizures a week, if any. Not only did our CBD relieve his seizures, but she also reported he was autistic which caused him to be antisocial and nonverbal. After approximately 5 months she reported he started becoming more verbal, even saying “mom” for the first time ever, he also started becoming more social with the family. She has now been a customer for over 4years, every week coming to get another CBD Wellness tincture for her son.

Helping people and getting reports like this are truly what drives us. There is no better feeling in the world than helping another person improve their or their family’s life. 


CBD Wellness Tincture Process

Our Unique Process in Tincture Formulations:

#1 is our high-quality farms, plant genetics, and attention to detail. Our genetics (Phytocannabinoid CBD rich hemp) naturally produces high cannabinoid potent cannabis, which allows steady crop & medicine supply. High quality plants and processes allows less plant material to be used when extracting and creating our products. Once our plants are harvested, we test and select the plants to be used for extraction (must be over 20% CBD at plant level). After testing and selection, our plants are placed into containers of our MCT oil (multi chain triglycerides). Our MCT oil is an herbal medicine all by itself, created naturally using sunflowers we mimic the cannabis plant oils, this is where our CBD rich plant material is introduced for an extended period, gentle allowing certain medicinal compounds to integrate into our oil over time. After this lengthy process the oil is then strained into test batches. After testing is complete, we finish the product by adding any cannabis mg’s needed for that specific product mg dose with pure CBD Wellness Distillate (90+% CBD profile). This creates a tincture unlike anything else available, one try and you’ll feel the difference. Our tinctures are formulated for a quick onset with maximum bioavailability of the desired MG’s taken. All of our tinctures contain the same base formula. Our formula contains standardized high levels of natural plant acids (high omega-6 fatty acids), infused with our tocopherol formula, and our all-natural organic sunflower derived mct.


These naturally occurring botanical compounds in our tincture mct base have been shown to prevent or help reduce the symptoms associated with a vast array of conditions and ailments, including but not limited to: hardening of the arteries, cholesterol, and heart disease. Our tinctures are a natural blood thinner which can help prevent clots, widen blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and stimulate the heart (it’s also how they quickly absorb).


  • Immune System Health: The omega-6 fatty acids in our formula help create prostaglandins. These natural, hormone-like substances help the body to function normally, including the immune system.
  • Diabetes: Omega-6 fatty acid has also been shown to help manage blood sugar levels, assisting in maintaining even sugar levels. This can also help prevent diabetes from developing.
  • Obesity: Omega-6 fatty acids are known to be good choice for people trying to lose weight, our formula helps burn fat, rather than store it.
  • Hair Health: Our MCT oil is very beneficial for your hair and scalp. This natural plant rich product increases circulation when applied, this stimulates hair growth and strengths the follicles. This also keeps your hair shiny and vibrant, which is why it is also used in cosmetic applications.
  • Skin: Our MCT oil is ideal for boosting the quality and appearance of your skin. When combined with sebum (secreted oil) to unclog pores and reduce blackheads, as well as acne, which is caused by sebum building-up under the skin. It also stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, which is how it helps in clearing up scars, marks, and blemishes from the surface of the skin, which leaves you looking younger and more attractive!
  • PMS: Our formula helps regulates the prostaglandins in the body, which is very helpful in reducing the dramatic hormonal fluctuations and symptoms during menstruation. This means the severity of PMS symptoms are reduced and helps regulate menstrual cycles (like hormonal supplements, without the dangerous side effects).


Cannabis tinctures are one of the most underrated ways to consume cannabis. Due to the lack of effective, properly formulated herbal CBD remedies on the market, many give up after trying “CBD”, claiming, “it didn’t work”. Scientifically, CBD must work for someone, unless what they had didn’t contain any or small amounts or they didn’t use a big enough dose or use it long enough to build up in the endocannabinoid system. We hear “cbd doesn’t work for me” all the time from customers who come in ready to give CBD Wellness a try after hearing great results from family, friends, and neighbors. Many having tried multiple “CBD” brands and products, with little to no results before finding us.


There are several advantages to using a CBD Wellness tincture; Some advantages include but are not limited to:

  • It is the best method for CBD intake and dosing.
  • Our Tinctures are very potent, allowing you the ability to create custom dosing that’s right for you.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Rich cannabinoids & terpenes.
  • MG amount is tested & accurate, MG amounts listed are the plants activated CBD amount.
  • Easy and discreet to use.
  • Administered under the tongue, tinctures get into your system the fastest.
  • Highest bioavailability & effectiveness.
  • Total support and health for your Endocannabinoid System (ECS).
  • Fully benefits from the Entourage Effect.
  • CBD Wellness tinctures are Doctor Formulated, by our own Chief Medical Scientist.
  • We only use our Phytocannabinoid CBD rich hemp crops, never industrial hemp.
  • State licensed, ensuring we are held to higher standards and constantly reviewed.
  • Triple tested, including 3rd party testing. All product batch results are readily available for review.

CBD Wellness tinctures are designed to be used via sublingual administration; this is achieved by placing a desired mg dose under the tongue (sublingually). This method is great for those who need a rapid dose of CBD. Once administered, many feel the effects & relief within minutes (full effects vary). We have found that certain issues like stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines tend to be relieved extremely fast, even with 1 full CBD dose. While issues involving pain & inflammation, may take a few days of regular CBD use before noticing relief or alleviation. Effects & results vary from person to person, some factors that play a role are the issue or reason your taking CBD, the severity, how much CBD your taking and how often. Generally, the worse or more severe an issue is, means you will need a higher dose of CBD and more regular use of CBD will be needed until enough CBD builds up in your ECS. Unlike edibles (which lack healthy options/choices), you won’t be waiting around for them to take effect. CBD Wellness Tinctures work very quickly and it’s a far healthier option. Our tinctures are also known for their steady effects, lasting over an extended period of time.

Using tinctures is easy, you apply the desired mg dose by simply squeezing the dropper top while submerged, filling to the desired level (1 full dose equals 1ml, 1ml contain a certain amount of activated CBD which is dependent on the products total mg amount).  Then re-squeeze the dropper top, releasing the desired amount of CBD drops sublingually (under the tongue). Many hold the dose under their tongue for about 30 seconds, to maximize absorption. Some even swish the cbd dose around the inner cheeks and gums (buccal administration) for additional absorption.


How to Measure a CBD Tincture MG Dose

For more information on CBD MG dosing please click here to review our GUIDE TO CBD


Why is Sublingual Administration Effective and Preferred for CBD Tinctures?

CBD Wellness tinctures are formulated for sublingual administration for several reasons including quick onset, highest bioavailability, and allows the greatest ECS benefits utilizing the entourage effect. When you combine these powerful properties together you get an extremely effective CBD tincture. Tinctures are non-invasive, convenient and fast working, allowing its user to dose wherever and whenever needed.

When CBD Wellness tinctures are used Sublingually (under tongue) and buccally (gums & cheeks) the activated cbd rich cannabinoids quickly absorb into the mucous membranes found beneath the tongue and gums, this allows it to quickly enter the bloodstream, effectively providing you relief fast as needed, when needed. Sublingual administration is a much faster and more efficient method for CBD administration than any other CBD method of administration.  


Adding CBD Tinctures to Food or Drinks

Absolutely this is an option. Most people don’t mind the taste, like the taste, or don’t notice any taste with CBD Wellness Full Spectrum Natural CBD tinctures. A small number, however, don’t like the taste and decided to add to their food or drinks. While this is completely acceptable, it does come with some drawbacks. As we discussed previously, sublingual CBD administration is the most beneficial and provides the best results. When you ingest CBD tinctures by adding it to your food or drink, it doesn’t go directly into your bloodstream. Instead, it must be processed through the digestive system, this takes CBD longer for the body to absorb and decreases the bioavailability. This means less activated CBD is available for the body to use and you’re not utilizing the full potential of your tincture. Many people use CBD Wellness tinctures in their food or drinks, the majority claiming it’s working great for their needs and providing them with the results and effectiveness they need. Something to consider if you feel like your CBD tincture is working optimally if you’re only adding it to food or drinks, consider using it sublingually on a regimen for a few days and see how that works.


CBD Tincture Storage

Tinctures have a long shelf life, lasting over 2 years when properly stored and factory sealed. Keep tinctures at or below room temperature and keep out of direct sunlight. Tinctures are meant to be used daily, as a regime to obtain the full benefits and effects. Our CBD tinctures come in 1oz bottles that contain 30 doses. If you take 1 dose a day, it will last you 30 days. If you use 2 doses, it will last you 15days. Most people use about 1 bottle a week, meaning they take 3-4 doses a day. Although tinctures do not need to be refrigerated, if you aren’t using it regularly enough to go through a bottle in 30days and it’s been opened / used, then you can consider refrigerating to avoid degrading the cannabinoids as well as maintaining the oil viscosity. Once you open a tincture and use it, the CBD oil inside is exposed to air, over time the air that replaces the oil inside can cause oxidation and degrade the compounds.


Selecting a CBD Tincture

CBD Wellness has you covered when it comes to the highest quality, effective CBD tinctures. Select a long-standing reputable company.

If you decide not to purchase CBD Wellness tincture, it's important to recognize what to look for and what to stay away from.

Is it CBD oil or Hemp oil or Hemp seed oil? Hemp oil and hemp seed oil are not CBD oil, nor do they contain any cannabinoids.

Is it industrial hemp derived? Industrial hemp is not grown for CBD content, it’s a much cheaper, lower quality crop that requires highly chemically processing in order to extract any cannabinoids. Vs CBD Wellness’s Phytocannabinoid CBD rich hemp, which is grown for maximum CBD content specifically for medicinal use.

How long has the company been in business? CBD Wellness has been providing CBD Rich product formulations since 2010.

Are they licensed? CBD Wellness is Arizona State licensed to grow, extract, manufacture, and sell cannabis product (hemp & marijuana. Medical & recreational).

Do medical marijuana dispensaries carry their products? CBD Wellness products are carried in approximately 50 licensed cannabis dispensaries in California, Arizona, Missouri, & Oklahoma.

Do they have 3rd party reviews, awards, or recognition? CBD Wellness has received more awards and recognition than any other CBD company in the US. Since 2012 we typically receive 5+ award recognition from varies sites for product effectiveness, product innovation, industry leading practices and patient selected product brands. To see our current recognition awards please see the associated tab on our home page. 

Does the product say full spectrum & no thc? This is a red flag marketing ploy, in order to be full spectrum it must contain trace amounts of thc.

Is the product full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate? CBD Wellness only uses CBD rich full spectrum for a reason, benefits & effectiveness. Broad spectrum cannot compare to full spectrum and loses its entourage effect benefits depending on the formula used. Isolate cbd offers no entourage effect benefits. People using isolate cbd products generally report it stopped working after a few days and that’s if the product did anything, 9-10 people report isolate cbd didn’t work at all.


Stay away from purchasing CBD Products from or on:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Social media (facebook, Instagram)
  • Social media influencers
  • Celebrities
  • Gas stations, smoke shops, grocery stores, or any big commercial entities (gnc, vitamin shoppe, Walmart, target, and so on).


CBD Wellness is and has always been committed to only creating the highest quality, most effective Full Spectrum CBD products on the market.  Made from our organically grown, non-GMO phytocannabinoid, CBD Rich hemp, using our proprietary solvent-free extraction processes, CBD Wellness retains a holistic whole plant profile.  All products are 3rd party tested for safety and potency.


In Conclusion

CBD Wellness Tinctures are created using phytocannabinoid cbd rich hemp plants, CO2 extracted, then infused in mct carrier oil.

CBD Wellness Tinctures are best administered sublingually (under tongue), to ensure the highest bioavailability allowing CBD to enter the bloodstream the fastest. This guarantees the best entourage effect benefits, effectively creating homeostasis in you endocannabinoid system (providing the best effectiveness & results).

Adding CBD tinctures to food or drink is acceptable, it’s just not as effective as administering sublingually.

The total activated CBD dosage is listed on each product, Tinctures also list the activated CBD mg amount for each dose on the side of the bottle, letting you know you have 30 doses of a certain amount of activated CBD. For example: CBD Wellness 1500mg Full Spectrum Tincture. The 1oz bottle contains 1500mg and there are 30 doses, on the side of the bottle you will find that this particular tincture contains thirty 1ml doses containing 50mg of activated cbd each.

Keep CBD Wellness tinctures out of direct sunlight and away from heat, store in a dry, cool, area at room temperature or below.

Make sure you are only purchasing high-quality, full spectrum, CBD rich tinctures from a reputable source. Like us 😊


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    Why Are CBD Wellness Tinctures So Effective?

    Our philosophy behind “tinctures” is our gentle nature and ability to capture the spirit and physical essence of a plant and make those compounds available to you in our wellness...

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