Paving the way to a happier and healthier world

Our effective product formulation and quality stems from Founder Dr. Matthew Scott’s (PhD & DHSc) personal experiences working in the Medical Marijuana industry, formulating THC and CBD products for varies licensed dispensaries and companies throughout the United States and Canada. As a scientist, his mission has always been to create the most effective, highest bioavailable, all natural plant-based health & wellness remedies to positively impact everyone from all walks of life; no matter what ailment, condition, illness, disease someone is going through or those just wanting to take a proactive approach to their health & wellness with all natural cannabis products.

Unfortunately, he discovered the majority of companies didn’t share his passion and found they were always cutting corners, using low quality, cheap materials and did not care if a product was truly effective or not, all in an effort to maximize profits. He became so frustrated with companies he realized if he wanted to change the industry standard, he would need to create his own company
thus CBD Wellness was born.

Dr. Matthew Scott has worked tirelessly on product development, constantly developing new and improved product formulations. He’s created and utilized state-of-art technology to create the finest ingredients and products that have improved tens of thousands of lives across the country.

CBD Wellness is the first major CBD company to introduce a line of Organic CBD tinctures and topicals and remains committed to creating the highest quality, most effective products on the market.