Sales Representative

Have sales experience or have a passion for our CBD Wellness brand? Our sales representative program is designated for individuals who are driven to make CBD Wellness Products a house hold name. Sales reps must be driven and ready to compete in a highly competitive market. We will give you the tools to help you and if you put in the time and work, you'll be successful. There is no limitation as to how far you can go, the only limitation is what you give yourself! Email us your resume and you will be contacted by a representative once you pass the initial screening process. 


Do you have your own retail location or wanting to sell CBD Wellness Products to people that you know? Our Wholesale Program has been created to allow other businesses and individuals to purchase our products at wholesale cost in order to sell them in their own locations or by any other means. If you have your own location(s), you will be put onto our store locator allowing our patients to know that you carry our products. Click on the button down below to send us an email that you are interested in wholesaling our products and a representative will reach back out to you about our requirements.


Do you own multiple locations or have a network of locations/accounts? Our Distribution Program is designed for businesses who are wanting to implement CBD Wellness Products into their own established distribution network. We are the leading manufacturer of CBD products in Arizona and hold the title of Best CBD Brand in Arizona as well. Adding effective products such as our line of products, given the mass demand, will only elevate your current business to retain and attract customers. Use the button below to send us a email and a representative will be in contact with you to send you all of our requirements. 


Wanting to be a part of CBD Wellness and wanting to be your own boss? Our Franchise program will allow you to have both of these things and with our guided assistance, you will be successful! Our Franchise Program will allow you to use our name and product line as your own so that you can make CBD Wellness readily available where you are wanting to set up shop. You will be given all the tools and materials that you will need as well as a how-to-guide and detailed explanation of each product so that training yourself and your employees is as easy as possible. For more information about franchising, email us down below and a representative will be in contact with to discuss the subject further.

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