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Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Close Up

Why do we use Sunflower Oil over other MCT oils? Sunflower oil is high in vitamin E which reduces respiratory problems and can aid in blood circulation and strengthening the immune system. It is also high in unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat making it a great, nutritional alternative. Over 70% of sunflower oil is composed of linoleic acid, a type of polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acid and contains small amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) known to help with weight loss. Sunflower oil has also been know to help with the following (hover over each photo):

Unrefined Coconut Oil


Unrefined coconut oil retains all its antimicrobial properties, which can make it a good choice of cleanser or moisturizer for people who have trouble with acne. Although coconut contains varying amounts of moisture, it's not the oil itself that helps your skin feel less dry. Apply the oil immediately after washing your face or getting out of the shower for best results, because the oil will help lock moisture in the skin. Unrefined coconut oil has also been found to help increase your cell regeneration . This means that your body will more quickly replace old cells with newer, healthier cells. This type of coconut oil is High in lauric acid and other natural agents, which can help reduce the activity of fungus, bacteria, and viruses that cause various illnesses.

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